Lays of the Living

When immersed in contemplation proper, all sense of and base desires of persona are dispersed as if vapour in an unfathomable cloud. In its stead we may be greeted by a bottomless Well of Being. We stir such through faithfully treading Archimedes’ Screw, then may we tease the Outer to the Inner, which we then discover is but the Outer once more.

Whether aware or not, each may find the Well. Like the Leechcrafters of old, the lay we offer to the seething brew will transform our allotted portions. Will the lay of your life behold a stagnant lot or will it pour forth as living waters?

Flags, Flax & Fodder,

Ulric “Gestumblindi” Goding
Níwe Dæg – Níwe Léoht – Níwe Hopan

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