May Day Musing

Please excuse any lack of quality, or disjointed flow throughout the following, these are simply ‘off the cuff’ thoughts written as they arose. Blessings of the season to all.

~ Ulric


Today I see a strange breed of Crafter, sadly a result of insular living, separated from familial and community concern, “to each their own” as many say. These “Crafters” long and strive for experiential “proofs” that validate their path, yet at the same time they cling to the opinions of the Academy, “does my praxis/does my experience stand up to academic scrutiny?”. This is behaviour similar to a child’s, as a child would seek reinforcement from the parent.

Tell me, how does one farm when their hands are willingly bound?

Crafters shout for liberal attitudes, revolution against “the system”, all the while they bind themselves to the opinion of academic theory. The voices you hear from the Academy are merely the ones whom “the system” has agreed to fund. Bear that in mind. People speak with an “us and them” attitude, all the while they suckle from the teat of a systematicly accepted view.

Have courage to stand on your own two feet.

Find inspiration from sources such as folklore, historically estimated views, but do not be scared to step beyond this. Are we all to stay within the agreed confines of histocrisy or are we to write our own histories as we live it day by day? To paraphrase what I have said before: “Today’s practice is tomorrow’s folklore”.

Too much attention is given to find an orthopraxy, a perfect formula that offers a one-size-fits-all; good luck trying to chase that lapwing. It is my opinion, that precious time would be better spent realising a developed and inherent culture. Strong values and a confidence in a world-view that dictates a personal behaviour in each and every moment in life. Praxis is the child of culture, it cannot be an entity independent from it, if it is treated as such, you are playing with a house of cards that shall crumble with the slightest gust.

We in the West of the world, seem to be living in a society devoid of a unitive culture, save that of acquisition and material dominance. A cultural void appeased through celebrity and consumerism. I ask that people instead consider to place their time and attention toward rebuilding a shared culture amongst themselves, to reforge the bonds of community. Let not the trappings of an individualism be at the cost of common bonds. Do this, not in the defensive mindset of “us against an enemy” but instead with the promise of what a united and strong people may offer.

Now is not the time to be caught in the snare of histocrisy, now is the time to live consciously the writing your history. We are not passive observers through the march of time, we are active participants. What we give now will be written in the songs of our descendants. Regardless of the opinions of “experts” or academia,  live fully and give generously.

Flags, Flax & Fodder,

Ulric “Gestumblindi” Goding

Níwe Dæg – Níwe Léoht – Níwe Hopan

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