Sins of the Father

I understand that this post shall no doubt cost me “friends” and the esteem of peers, yet speak I shall…

It is all too prevalent throughout the subculture that is Craft and the subculture of Paganism that Abrahamic faith is derided, belittled.

Modern Paganism, a subculture that has itself comforted within the blanket of liberalism, has amongst its number those who would oppress those of Abrahamic faiths. The proverbial victim would then become the very monster it has had to endure.

Far too many have invented a romantic and idealised remembrance of their ancestry. Selective memory and a selective honouring of a certain demographic of one’s ancestors. If one is European, like it or not, chances are that somewhere in your ancestral history are centuries, possibly a millenia of Abrahamic faith; whether that is Jewish/Moorish communities, or God-forbid Christianity, whether “Celtic”, Catholic or Protestant in flavour. Every insult, aggression, lack of tolerance/understanding toward other faiths is an insult to possibly 600-1200 years of one’s ancestry. A convenient amnesia doesn’t release one from the bonds of hypocrisy and illusion.

The very threat that Europe faces now is thanks to a faction of a faith, which believes its ideology is best for a global implementation. Nevertheless, each jeering comment towards another faith is a microscopic example that one deems their own beliefs superior to that of another’s; hold this in mind next time you wish to play the marginalised “victim” card that a Western liberalism affords those with an “alternative” faith/belief-system.

It matters not a jot whether one wishes to relate to the Lux Mundi as Christ, Lucifer, Apollo, Hermes; nor the Anima Mundi as Sophia, Spiritus Sanctus, whomever. What matters is that we can see beyond the limits of personal labels and share a humble knowing that there is something deeper than Man’s hunger for acquisition and reliance upon dogma, whether secularly inspired or religiously inherited. Beauty is found in a myriad of guises, a holy-whore indeed; her redemption is through impartial Love, no matter where she is found.

Flags, Flax and Fodder,

Ulric “Gestumblindi” Goding
Níwe Dæg – Níwe Léoht – Níwe Hopan

Tanist of the Clan of Tubal Cain

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10 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I try to follow the path of a Cunning Man and although a Pagan myself have to accept that Cunning Folk of the past were Christian and this is reflected in their spells. As a compromise one of my favourite books is the “Tanach” (Jewish Old Testament) it is full of Pagan mythology. I am happy to accept Hashem/Yahweh as one of the gods, just not the only one. And Jesus was a great prophet but not the son of God (unless you accept that we are all children of the Gods). I have friends who refuse to work with angels because they consider them Christian (their loss). There are superior beings who have been with us since the beginning, angel is as good a name as any although I prefer Watcher.

    • Gestumblindi says:

      Thank you for your comment here Runwita; folks are of course welcome to work in various manners as they are moved to do so. They can also choose not to “work” with such powers-that-be. The key is the synergy between “object” and “subject”, the wedding of two distinct aspects births a previously unknown “third”, now the marriage may not work if one fights against the beloved and so the consummation toward this birth may never occur.. In short, one would be trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and there shall be no fireworks..


  2. Astarte says:

    May many ears, as mine, hear your truth and know it to be honest.
    F,F & F

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks Ulric , All is the same in certain eyes ……… with many guises as she,seems to be…………. 🙂

  4. Shullie says:

    Would it be okay for me to share this on my blog? You say it so much better than I ever could.
    Links back to your blog of course.
    kind regards

  5. Christopher Blackwell says:

    Sometimes speaking the truth in your own community is a dangerous but necessary. Nor is any community immune from this problem and danger.

    I always say if there is something done in another religion that I don’t like, should I not make sure that it does not become part of my own practice and beliefs? Seems similar to what you are saying. Rather that jump on other religions, we need to raise our own standards. Anything less, is Hypocrisy.

  1. May 26, 2016

    […] Sins of the Father […]

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