The Hand of Frith

Friendship, from OE freondscipe, the shaping of and being in the state and condition of being freondes (friends). The origin of these words are found in the Proto Indo-European verbs to ‘like/love’. Frith being a related word which alludes to the condition which the modern mind would equate to ‘peace’, the conditions necessary to promote stability and security.

Suffice to say that even the briefest of glances toward the News highlights to the observer that we live in an era of threat present through a multitude of possible channels; beit from our own governments, from hostile cultures and/or belief systems, threat from individual or group within subcultures. On this last point I feel that it is important to hold to a view that it is better to hold “enemies” outside of the bounds of a community than harbour enemies within. I have witnessed the fall of enough of my enemies to now consider that there must be a better way. We should seek to support friends as they are called to cross the River, rather than be forced to send foes to the River. To hold to enemies within the bonds of a shared appreciation of subculture will prove self-defeating all the while distraction proves to detract from focusing upon threats to a common existence.

The Clan of Tubal Cain have ever extended the hand of Frith to all those who would take it in Truth, this extension of Frith still remains. We do not seek to be seen as derogatary ‘elitists’ sitting comfortably in our Ivory Tower. We hold to a distinct identity, a distinct lineage, and heritage that shall see expression in generations to come, we are a kinship that holdsfast within its own bounds by distinction of being a People; but this does not take away from the hope-filled vision of a more cohesive Craft community. It has been seen among online fora a sense of pride that interaction amongst “Trad Crafters” is akin to herding cats; it is my belief that this pride is misplaced, no man is an island, if you divide you can conquer. There is strength in numbers, a fact held by Clanships since time immemorial. Whether publicly known kindred groups or allies held in the embrace of shadow, mutual strength has been afforded to all involved. Through such steadfast and unwavering support of friends, a flourishing of ideas and an enrichment of community are fruits offered forth to an even wider world and so the bountiful harvest of such is ensured and harsh winters of society threat are endured in the comfort of Companie, a Shieldwall impenetrable.

As our Clan has grown from strength to strength, as our enemies have fallen, we keep our hand of friendship offered, the hope of Frith alive and ready for all those, whether established Crafters or tentative Seekers, to take in the spirit of Truth and Honour. To bring to mind the words of respected Crafter and relentless Seeker, Doreen Valiente: “the things that unite us are stronger than the things that divide us”.

May we each enjoy the strength of a cohesive Craft community.

In Frith.

Ulric “Gestumblindi” Goding
Níwe Dæg – Níwe Léoht – Níwe Hopan

Tanist of the Clan of Tubal Cain

The Frith Guild


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